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At freddie b salon & spa we are inspired by our motto, " b beautiful • b fabulous • b you ". We believe everyone is beautiful, our goal is to be fabulous and at the end of the day always be you. We strive to help our clients feel relaxed, refreshed, have some fun, and leave beautiful inside and out! We want to pamper you in a way you've never dreamed possible. A full spa experience is offered with professional hair and make-up, massage, manicure, pedicure, skin care and waxing services. We hope you will experience the 3 b's by the end of your visit to freddie b salon & spa.


freddie berumen, jr. – owner & stylist

freddie berumen, jr. – owner/stylist



b vibrant
Irrepressibly creative and clever, Freddie B was long destined to be in the beauty business. Warm and winsome, Freddie is all about people – making connections and fostering camaraderie.

The indefatigable salon owner describes the "hair journey" that clients can embark on. "I like to take care of people's needs, solve their hair problems and help them feel good about themselves," says Freddie.

His staff is a tight-knit group of lively professionals, all eager to learn and please. Hand-picked by Freddie himself, they bring various strengths to the table.

Whether it's the latest color, cutting-edge hairstyles or building long-lasting relationships with clients, vibrant Freddie takes the lead and everyone follows.

hector galvez – hair, skin, & nails

hector galvez - hair, skin, & nails



B Extraordinary
Take-charge, do-it-all Hector is raring to tackle anything and everything in the salon. This guy is just eager to sharpen his skills even more.

eager to feed his hunger for knowledge, hector continued his education at american crew and vidal sasson academy. “I just want to do everything,” says the former Marine whose role at the salon these days takes him from nails, skin care & waxing to haircuts and hair color .

Visual and imaginative, Hector derives inspiration from videos and magazines and can easily create anything like nail artwork, hair design or aromatherapy. “I just want to absorb all the new information and broaden my knowledge,” he says.

His herbal spa mani and pedi system is top-notch, according to clients who have tried it. He is also known to have a wonderful, personalized touch when it comes to providing skin care and waxing services.

He won’t rule out other challenges and opportunities in the future. Hector is eager to go places!

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christine coultas – stylist

christine coultas – stylist



B Chic
Charming and chic, Christine Coultas draws upon her years of experience in the hospitality industry to connect with her clients. Christine finds immense satisfaction in giving clients what they want.

This people person jumped at the chance to join freddie b and let her creative juices flow even more freely. "I wanted to do more hands-on things," says the former psychology major.

From cutting to color, Christine feeds her incessant creative thirst. Clients can count on that.

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shonti conner – stylist & makeup artist

shonti conner – stylist/makeup artist




B Imaginative
Growing up creative, Shonti Conner literally "went back to her artistic roots." After a real estate stint, she switched careers and interned with a famous celebrity stylist who mentored her on the intricacies of coloring and cutting.

Before finding freddie b, Shonti put her shears to work at another salon. As a colorist, she puts her imagination to work with multihued locks. She also thrives and excels at the challenge of color correction.

Working with models side-by-side at hair shows brings out her fun and funky side. With precision haircuts, Shonti's meticulous attention to details is at the forefront. "I am all about making sure someone has the right style to go with his or her look. It's all in the details," she says.

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christina cummings – stylist

christina cummings – stylist


b creative
Christina embraces all aspects of fashion and creativity. She says, "I just want to create color and style, and all things beautiful, to take care of the personal needs of my clients.'

Growing up in England, Christina vividly recalls getting a kick out of styling her doll's hair, but didn't think she could make a career out of it. Fortunately, fate intervened and a family move to the US as a teenager cinched the deal.

Her decision to join the freddie b salon & spa team has proved to be the right career move. She says, "Everything here is so inspiring. Freddie brings out the best in all of us."

Watch Christina unleash her creativity on your hair!

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holly baker – stylist

holly baker – stylist


b bold
"I've always loved glamor and retro," said Holly, describing her funky and feminine forte.

Holly has always been fascinated with the chic look of the roaring 40s and 50s. Think red lips, cat eyes, long eyelashes, curls and victory rolls reminiscent of those decades.

Holly brings this boldness and adventuresome streak with her to Freddie B Salon, as she transforms clients including brides with her retro brand of styling, vibrant color and sexy make-up. She also goes for the natural beachy look - a "must" in this coastal town.

She said, "Clients are like family to me - I listen and show I care about them a lot. I am artistic and creative but I also want my clients to feel good about themselves."

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luke stanley – stylist & barber

holly baker – stylist


b original
If creativity is the mother of invention, Luke is a very close relative. 

“Precision cuts are my jam,” says the Simi Valley native. Pixie, short, angular cuts,  hair color, name it and Luke can go to town and tackle it like it’s nobody’s business. He has an aunt to thank and credit for his intro into the hairstyling world. “Hanging out at her house and seeing no limits to creativity really influenced this career choice,” he says.

A hairstylist and barber in one, Luke really relishes the relationship part of the business and how he is able to affect people positively. A rare privilege is how he also describes it. “I love seeing them leave happier than when they came in,” he says. “And I also love doing the hair of entire families and making dad look as sharp as mom and the kids, or vice versa.”

When asked about his generation and emerging hairstyling trends such as shaved and undercut designs, he says, “There’s a lot of room for self-expression these days. I’m seeing a generation with some sense of creative rebellion.”

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kathy lazier – stylist

holly baker – stylist


b unique
From her earliest memories, Kathy has had a fascination with hair. In fact, her grade 2 report card reads, Kathy "would do well to focus on her studies and not on the little girls hair in front of her." She grew up playing hairdresser, styling all of her dolls hair, then moving on to friends hair throughout school.

After moving to Los Angeles from Canada, she pursued and fulfilled a lifelong dream of working with Paul Mitchell. With JPMS, She was a color educator, trainer and Director of education, working alongside her mentors in the beauty industry. Eternally grateful for this experience, Kathy has also worked in film and television. She's truly passionate about sharing the love of hair to her fellow stylists.

Kathy loves to share all of her geeky hair knowledge with everyone to educate you on the how's and why's of your particular hair and to ensure all your questions are answered. One of her favorite things to do is haircolor. She loves to create the perfect color for you. In her words " taking you to your NATURAL color!"

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fernando Silva – massage therapist - CMT #70693

fernando silva - massage therapist


b true
“From the age of six, I remember following my parents around as they gave massages,” says Fernando, whose parents were also practicing massage therapists back in their native Mexico.

The early exposure to the craft paved the way for Fernando’s career choice. From the time he came to the U.S., he dedicated himself to finishing masssage school and getting his license. 

It could be his “people personality” and his innate desire to help too. “I just knew in my heart I wanted to do it,” he states. “And clients have said they could feed off of my positive energy.”

Outside massage therapy, Fernando finds his energy in running. He explains, “Running for me is spiritual, like meditation.”

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shanon mccullen - esthetician

fernando silva - massage therapist


b radiant
FroM makeup before skincare, until Shanon made the connection that it's really skincare before makeup. This realization came after receiving her first facial at 8 years old! She has grown up in salons, surrounded by family who are in the beauty industry. As a 22 year veteran of the industry, she has a special love for skincare as well as waxing.

That first facial experience led to a lifelong love of skincare. One of her favorite parts of esthetics is teaching her younger clients how to take great care with their skin & skincare, to prevent any premature effects on their skin. Shanon is a firm believer that health from the inside is paramount to change any skin type and issues. And she's happy to share all of her knowledge with you. Her motto: good, life long skin care = life long, good skin health.

Shanon also takes great care when waxing her clients to make the experience comfortable & painless. "You're already done", "wow, that didn't hurt at all" are what she hears after her waxing sessions.

A facial with Shanon will leave your skin feeling its absolute best and you'll be sent home with lots of information on healthy at home skincare tips.


salon photography: William Edwards