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Best of Ventura County
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Best of Ventura County
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Salon Today By Stacey Soble | 07/2013


In the Ventura area just north of Los Angeles, California, Freddie Berumen, owner of Freddie B's, says having a salon business that is ahead of the technology curve makes him more marketable as a potential employer. "Stylists today are hungry to be with a tech savvy salon, it's made me the place to be." < read more >

Young Americans: Lacy Renee Herron
American Salon By Kelley Donahue | 04/2013

American Salon

Lacy Renee Herron always aspired to be an architect, but it was her love of doing hair that eventually prevailed. "These days, I'm using interesting angles and geometry to create beautiful designs," says Herron, a member of the Matrix education team. < read more >

Best of Ventura County
2012 VCReporter

Best of Ventura County 2012

Modele Weddings, Jun 21, 2011

For the perfect hair and makeup, Freddie B Salon & Spa in Ventura is your ultimate destination. From the moment you enter the salon, you and your wedding party are treated like royalty by a creative and highly trained staff of professionals in an atmosphere unmatched in tranquility. Freddie B and his team strive to help you create the most beautiful look for your special day....
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SalonCentric Jan 2011

If you ask Freddie Berumen, owner of Freddie B. Salon in Ventura, CA, none of this was supposed to happen. The chic, modern-yet-comfy environment, the stylists at work in happy harmony with their surroundings, the growing client base… everything about Freddie B. says success. Yet Berumen, who started his career as a banker, never envisioned being where he is today. "Owning a salon was the last thing I wanted to do," he says. < read more >